Alan A. “Scotty” Herd has been a full time real estate broker since 1960, the year he graduated from UC Berkeley with a business/real estate major. His company, A. Scott Herd Associates, was formed in 1966. Herd has completed more than two thousand five-hundred hands-on transactions including working with celebrities and Fortune 500 clients in a variety of property types such as residential, commercial, and land. His experience includes work as an agent, sales manager, and principal. During his career Mr. Herd was elected by his peers as an office and/or director of seven significant professional real estate organizations. These positions have supported his credibility as an expert witness.

Transaction Experience

Real Estate Agents and their transactions are unique.  They are subject to unique pressures and protocols. In the litigation process the trial attorney needs an expert who has “been there,” is familiar with processes and can explain them to a fact finder. Mr. Herd is an active broker – not a banker, attorney, appraiser, or salaried employee of a real estate company. Mr. Herd has been general partner and investor in scores of multiple-investor ventures in five states, involving hundreds of hands-on transactions regarding most property types.

Litigation Background

Mr. Herd has completed more than 800 litigation assignments in a dozen venues including 150 plus trials and 250 plus depositions. Mr. Herd’s client list includes not only infrequent real estate litigators, but litigators who do real estate all the time. Sixty-five per cent of clients are returning clients. Plaintiff/defendant cases are nearly even. Mr. Herd has jury-friendly testimony skills from more than thirty-five years of UC Extension real estate instruction experience.
After a conflict check, Mr. Herd will be happy to forward a full resume and additional information on inquiry.